Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year Nomination Process

2018-2019 Nomination form

Q:  Do I need to type my teacher nominations?
A:  Yes, all nominations must be typed. Please contact the committee chair if you would need help with this.

Q:  What if I want to nominate a teacher, but I cannot answer all the questions?
A:  Ask the teacher you would like to nominate for a current resume to help you complete the nomination form. You may also ask the teacher or other teachers who know him/her for more information.

Q:  I have graduated from SCHS, may I still nominate a teacher?
A:  Yes, as long as the teacher meets the teacher requirements you may nominate him/her even though you are no longer a current student.

Q:  Will the teachers see the nomination forms?
A:  No, the teachers will not receive a copy of their nomination forms. They will only know you nominated them if you choose to tell them.

Q:  Who makes up the selection committee?
A:  A representative from school administration, school staff, parents, and students.

Q:  How does the selection committee choose the recipient of the award?
A:  Each member of the selection committee receives all nominations and uses a scoring rubric to score each nomination. Scores are compiled and then the committee meets to discuss the scores and make a selection.

Q:  I have a group of friends that all want to nominate the same teacher, should we write one nomination or each do our own?
A:  This is your choice; however, collaborating with each other and writing one or two strong nominations versus several might represent the teacher better. Also, consider collaborating with your parent/guardian to complete the nomination form.

2017-2018 South County Teacher of the Year

Mary Moshos (World Languages – Latin)


  • 2016 – 2017 Teacher of the Year – David Long

    Other Nominees:  Melanie Cameron (English), Tom Demharter (Social Studies), Mary Engels (Science), Karen Katzberg (Special Education), Christine Procaccino (World Languages (Latin)), Alyssa Pyrak (Social Studies), Scott Saylor (Fine Arts (Photography))

    2015 – 2016 Teacher of the Year – Kate Evans Farrell

    Other  Nominees:  Ann Baylor, Melanie Cameron, Thomas Demharter, Karen Katzberg, Megan Pitts, Cristina Procaccino, Alyssa Pyrak, Kellen Scott, Jennifer Willard, Vera Woodson