ANGP Tickets

Two easy ways to buy an ANGP ticket:

  1. Online via the SCPTSO Membership Toolkit
  2. Cash/check – Download the 2019 ticket order and commitment contract forms and return them to the SCHS Main Office in an envelope marked “ANGP Ticket Sales”.  All checks should be made payable to SC PTSO. Both the Student and the Parent need to sign the Contract.  Students will NOT be allowed to enter the event without having the Contract form signed and dated.  All forms should be turned in prior to the event.

A list of paid students is maintained. The list will NOT be published on the website.  No actual paper tickets will be given.  You will get a receipt and the student’s name will be on a list of paid seniors.  For more information, email the ANGP at

Please contact your student’s school counselor in confidence if financial assistance is needed.