All Night Graduation Party (ANGP)

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Important Reminders for ANGP

The All Night Grad Party Committee is looking forward to seeing everybody at the party on June 16th !  In order to make this party an awesome event for everybody, we do have a few reminders we need you to remember: 

·      Doors open at 11pm on June 16th.  The party runs from 11pm on June 16th to 5am on June 17th. You may arrive anytime between 11pm and 12am, but after 12am the doors will be locked and you will no longer be able to enter.  You may not leave the party early, unless prior arrangements have been made with our Security Team – contact Jen Kirk for early departures at
·      Enter ONLY through the Kiss and Ride Entrance #12. 
·      You will first check in at Registration.  They will give you an ID badge that you need to wear all night.  Inside your ID badge will be important tickets to use for various attractions, prize raffles, and “money” for the casino. 
·      Bring the minimal personal effects as possible.  In fact, you do not need to bring anything with you!  You will not be able to enter the party with large bags or backpacks.  It is strongly recommended to leave all valuables home for the night.  Any personal  belongings you bring can be safely stored in our Bag Room (Library) for the night.
·      Leave all food and beverages at home, including water bottles.  These items will not be permitted in the building.
·      You do not need to bring any money to the party.  There is plenty to do, eat and drink at the party, and it’s already part of the package!  
·      SCHS Dress Code applies during the party. 
·      Most importantly, come ready to have fun!!!
High school graduation is such a fun time for high school seniors and an exciting time for parents as we all celebrate the hard work both parents and students have invested to get to this landmark stage of life. It is also the start of a new beginning as we send our new young adults out into the world of work or college. They will be on their own in just a few short weeks or months. Thus, this is our last chance to model safe planning and behavior for them.

Most schools hold All Night Graduation Parties in an effort to keep graduates safe while they celebrate their accomplishments. But don’t forget that they will be up all night celebrating with friends. They will be happy but exhausted by the time the sun rises and drowsy driving, like driving under the influence, is “impaired” driving. Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 crashes a year, resulting in at least 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths. Unfortunately, more than half of all fallasleep crashes involve young drivers between the ages of 16 and 25. We want our graduates to celebrate, enjoy and arrive home safely in the morning so please remember to arrange a safe ride home for them.


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WHAT – The All Night Grad Party (commonly referred to as ANGP), is a Virginia and Fairfax County Public School system sanctioned “Party With A Purpose”.  Many schools in the County, as well as in the State of Virginia, participate in All Night Grad sanctioned events.  ANGP is a safe, monitored, alcohol, drug and smoke free celebration for our graduating seniors.

WHY The motivating factor behind ANGP is to provide our graduating seniors a safe and fun place to spend graduation night and celebrate with their fellow grads and friends.  Since ANGP’s inception, no teen who has attended an ANGP event in the state of Virginia has been involved in a traffic fatality on graduation night!

WHOAll SCHS graduating seniors are invited to attend.

WHEN – Friday, June 16, 2017 at 11:00 p.m. until Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 5:00 a.m.  For security reasons, grads must arrive no later than 12:00am.

WHERE – South County High School.

WILL GRADS BE SAFE?YES!  ANGP is a lock-in party.  All Grads will be monitored by a Security Team, two SROs, and Parent Volunteers at every activity.

TICKETS – The price is $60 until the last graduation rehearsal.  NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR on June 16th.  If you have financial challenges, don’t let the admission price keep you away!  The senior just has to speak with his/her school counselor for further assistance.

ENTERTAINMENT – Casino ~ Inflatable Rides and Games ~ Cash Vaults ~ BINGO ~ and much, much more …

FOOD – Chipotle ~ Chick-Fil-A ~ Wings ~ Candy Bar ~ Pancake Bar ~ and much, much more….

PRIZES – Gift Cards ~ iPads ~ TVs ~ Dorm Room Essentials ~ Concert Tickets ~ CASH ~ and much, much more….

WHAT IT COSTS  The vast majority of the money must be raised through fundraising and donations from the community.  In previous years, the total cost of this event has been between $40,000 and $50,000.  If you have ever been involved before – that number won’t shock you.  If this is your first senior – it seems a staggering sum.

PLANNING MEETINGS –  Are usually held the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm in the SCHS Library.


QUESTIONS Contact Jennifer MacDonald at or Julie Gorski at

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