Academic Boosters

The Academic Boosters is a committee which operates under the South County Parent Teacher Student Organization (SC PTSO).  Academic Boosters is a critical supporter to the following SCHS events/teams:

  • Club Day
  • Science Fair –
  • Odyssey of the Mind – 2017 Regional Champions
  • Science Olympiad – Virginia’s Rookie State High School Team of the Year 2017
  • Forensics – NEW!!
  • Debate – NEW!!

Information will be updated throughout the year.  Please direct general questions or comments to Chair, Suhana Rai, via email at

The Academic Boosters is a committee which operates under the South County Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (SC PTSO).  Currently, the Academic Boosters oversees Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad, and the annual science fair. A goal of the Academic Boosters, in our inaugural year, is to house all information about academic clubs/teams for the benefit of the SCHS students.  We will explore fundraising options to give grants to the faculty sponsors of the academic clubs/teams that seek financial assistance.

Information is continually updated.  Please direct general questions or comments to Chair, Suhana Rai, via email at


Congratulations & Kudos

Prior Year Winners

The Academic Boosters is pleased to recognize and announce the winners from the various academic competitions from the Winter of 2017.  Congratulations to all of these talented Stallions!

2017 South County High School Science Fair Award Winners

The annual Stallion Science Fair was held on Friday, January 27th.  The PTSO provided pizza & water to these participating students.  We would like to congratulate all the students who participated in this long term project as well as recognize the winners below:

Please note that the 1st and 2nd place winners (*) are eligible to go attend the Fairfax County Regional Fair at Robinson Secondary School, March 18th through 20th. At the regional level students will compete to go to the International Science Fair as well as for Industry prizes including scholarship money.

Animal Science:

3rd Place – Bridget Ross, June Kwak, and Brady Bartee
3rd Place – William McCullough, Benjamin Mataloni, & Justin Turner

Biochemistry & Microbiology:

Honorable Mention – Megan McGloin, McFerrin Wylie, and Taylor Chambers
Honorable Mention – Juliana Samar, Polina Jefferson, and Maryam Jama
*2nd place – Payal Asri, Jenna Bakir, and Mickael Nicklas

Biomedical & Health Science:

*2nd place – Brandon Taylor, Charles Keeth, and Abdul Wahid Rahimi


Honorable Mention – Shannon Campbell and Destiny MacKinney
Honorable Mention – Porter Cather, Sarah Kleppinger, and Mason Gareis
3rd place – Edward Oh
3rd place – Sarah Anstice, Jamison Wilson, and Dominique Pham
3rd place – Grace Patterson, Matthew Le, and Cherilyne Maramba
*2nd place – Jacquelyn Bryant and Lois Appiah

Earth and Environmental Science:

Honorable Mention – Andrea Domingo & Sedra Fraidoon
Honorable Mention – Alena Rowe & Violet McKane
3rd place – Andrea Gamble and Maliah Prescott-Harris
3rd place – Zach Richardson, Sohrab Rahimi, and Mustafa Al-Attar
3rd place – Dylan Buzbee, Jack Dupray, and Mohammed Noori
*2nd place – Claire Picciano and Sara Patrick
*2nd place – Aubrey Taradash
*1st place – Carlie Mertz and Lauren Baltzell
“The Effect of Different Types of Light on the Movement of Daphnia”

Embedded Systems:

*1st place – Reid Panuzio and Michelle Weaver for
“The Effect of the Ratio of Coils on Voltage of the Current”

Chemical Energy:

*2nd place – Manav Mehta, Ishaat Mawla, & Tyler Phillips

Physical Energy:

Honorable Mention – Gwendolyn Berndt, Amanda Ljuba, and Alexandra Rowe
Honorable Mention – Arnold Berndt
Honorable Mention – Devin Williams, Napoleon Afework, and Chris Magume
*1st place – Jonathan Zapanta, Joshua Glunz, and Jon Angelo Quidilla
“It’s Lit for Sonoluminessence”

Engineering Mechanics:

Honorable Mention – Lauryn Yeargin
Honorable Mention – Frank Orenstein & Michael Brockway
*2nd place – Damion Sanchez

Environmental Engineering:

No prizes were awarded.

Materials Science:

Honorable Mention – Joseph Gallagher
Honorable Mention – Andrew Jones, MinJae Lee, and Caleb Bloodworth
Honorable Mention – Justin Lee
*2nd place – Mir Abdullah and Joseph Tefera

Physics and Astronomy:

Honorable Mention – Joshua Foutz
Honorable Mention – Riley Specht and Caroline Perez
3rd place – RJ Plate, Jacob Thomas, and Dallas Robinson
*2nd place – Myles Ragins, Jake Hecker, and Alexander Clark
*1st place – Jacob Unterman and Shihyun Jang
“The Effect of the Mass of Black Hole Sgr-A on SO-102”

Plant Science:

Honorable Mention – Berry Allison and Mya Haynes
3rd place – Zack Burcher, Sven Gangsei, and Sai Katragadda
3rd place – Jacob Shanagan and Andrew Lang
*2nd place – David Gigrich & Tatiana Cooper

Systems Software:

3rd place – Eric Carlson and Myles Patterson

Science Olympiad

The SCHS competed with two teams of over 20 students representing the Stallions at the regional Science Olympiad competition on Sunday, February 12th at the Lake Braddock H.S. regional competition competing against 36 other high school teams and earning a spot in the State competition to be held at UVA on Saturday, March 25th.  The SCHS Science Olympiad team is sponsored and facilitated by SCHS science teachers, Mr. Peirce and Mr. Maddoo!

Congratulations to the below medalists:

  • Edward Oh & Ariana Kim – 2nd Place (Electric Vehicle)
  • Isha Patel & Kaitlyn Phan – Placing in all 3 events!! 5th Place (Electric Vehicle), 6th Place (Hydrogeology), 6th Place (Optics)
  • Simran Rai & Aisha Jabarkel – 6th Place (Write It, Do It)

Also, congratulations to the these finishers who cracked the top 15 of the 36 teams:

  • Simran Rai & Valmik Rai – 9th Place (Invasive Species)
  • Keiko Farah & Lanvi Bui – 10th Place (Ecology)
  • Simran Rai & Valmik Rai – 13th Place (Microbe Mission)
  • Errick Mah & Harrison Ponczak – 13th Place (Rocks & Minerals)
  • An Lo, Donovan Sutton, & Armin M. – 14th Place (Experimental Design)
  • David Gigrich & Aisha Jabarkel – 15th Place (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Abigail Wilson & Fiza Shaikh – 15th Place (Astronomy)