How Would You Like to “FLOCK” Someone?

flamingo-grayDo you know someone who is celebrating a special occasion?

The South County High School Class of 2018 All Night Graduation Party Committee will “flock” or “stampede” your celebrant’s yard under the cover of darkness. Your special person will awaken to a front yard filled with two dozen bright pink flamingos or a “herd” of green and blue stallions (big prints on signs), along with a card announcing who the flocking/stampede is from.  The birds/signs will be picked up the following evening. Only yards within the South County school boundaries are included (subject to ANGP approval). Please allow one week’s notice.


Suggested DONATION CHECKS of $25.00
Order HERE 

Have the following information ready when ordering:

Flocking/Stampede Purchased by:
Name, Phone, Email, Delivery Date (Night Before)

Person Being Flocked/Stampeded:
Name, Phone, Address, Occasion



image2Flocking image1